How to write a comment in java

If your database includes credit card numbers, you should instruct your users to look over their recent and future bills closely and cancel their credit card. Java API Javadoc Documenting your code is crucial to help others understand it, and even to remind yourself how your own older programs work.

Examples of these tags are given below. Asynchronous and Event-Based Application Design. If you make it through both strings without finding any bytes that differ, you know the strings are the same and can return a positive result. As soon as you find a byte that isn't the same for both strings, you know they are different and can return a negative response immediately.

Well, there is difference which we will see now.

Any algorithm that you designed yourself. Only use multi-line comments to comment out sections of code. This class is written to show the use of documentation comment in Java.

How to Read, Write XLSX File in Java - Apach POI Example

These commands will generate Javadoc HTML files from the comments you have written and display them in a browser. How to put comments in your code with Javadoc By Alvin Alexander. It will look like this. Using documentation comments on non-public entities is not as important as publics the interface isn't exposed Email SMTP is a plain-text protocol, and there may be malicious routers on the internet recording email traffic.

You can click on the generated index. This will set diff to a non-zero value if the bytes differ. It starts with two forward slashes and continues to the end of the line.

Focus on public methods, as these are the methods that can be used in other parts of the code base, and writing a javadoc for the classes you write and when they should be used will also be helpful. Its the same sort of idea with naming variables.

Since the comment should only relate to the exact line it's written on, it is the most obvious type of comment. Only use technology that is in the public domain and has been well-tested by experienced cryptographers. My simple advice on commenting is that whenever you want to write a normal comment not a documentation comment that describes and class, interface, method or variable use a single line comment.

Very simple, very clean. The attacker now knows the first byte, and can continue the attack in a similar manner on the second byte, then the third, and so on. Something like Figure 3: First, the attacker finds strings whose hashes begin with every possible byte. Doc comments can be extracted to HTML files using the javadoc tool.

Based on the files you submit and the documentation within those files, javadoc creates four types of HTML files, as shown below:. How to Write Doc Comments for the Javadoc Tool. Javadoc Home Page. This document describes the style guide, tag and image conventions we use in documentation comments for Java programs written at Java Software, Oracle.

It does not rehash related material covered elsewhere: For reference material on Javadoc tags, see the Javadoc.

Note The BufferedWriter is a character stream class to handle the character data. Unlike byte stream (convert data into bytes), you can just write the strings, arrays or character data directly to a file.

For this reason, it is useful to write documentation as comments in the code itself, where they can be easily updated with other changes. Javadoc is a documentation tool which defines a standard format for such comments, and which can generate HTML files to view the documentation from a web broswer.

@Amy, @ Manjeet: The file will be garbled as it wont save it directly in ASCII readable characters. It will convert it to a serialized binary stream, when you view that stream in the file it.

The Java language supports three kinds of comments: /* text */ The compiler ignores everything from /* to */. /** documentation */ This indicates a documentation comment (doc comment, for short). The compiler ignores this kind of comment, just like it ignores comments that use /* and */.

Writing Comments in Java: Comments are the statements which are never executed (i.e. non-executable statements).

Comments are often used to add notes between source code so that it becomes easy to understand & explain the function or operation of the corresponding part of source code.

How to write a comment in java
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