How to write a conjecture in math

Students tend to be too prone to believe that a few examples constitute irrefutable evidence of a pattern. Here's a random sample from his Inventiones paper The relation between the Baum-Connes Conjecture and the Trace Conjecture and a bit further down: Read them attentively and think about the points raised there.

However, there are many other common forms that for particular conditional statements may be simpler to state and understand.

These benefits of the peer review process also help the class develop a sense of itself as a mathematical community. It is probably a safer bet to assume that neither you nor me will ever phrase a question considered important, interesting and difficult enough by many enough to get elevated to the status of conjectures.

Is it easy or difficult to understand. You may or may not agree with all the points but I think it should be profitable in any case.


See Necessary and Sufficient Conditions below. If a conjecture immediately follows from a known result, then it may be less interesting than an unexpected conjecture.

My response is simply: Other conditional statements seem more descriptive than inferential. Read them attentively and think about the points raised there. For instance, Popper uses the word in this more mundane sense in his "Conjectures and Refutations", e.


Class discussions about the subtlety, difficulty, and appeal of a conjecture lead to fewer trivial conjectures as the year progresses.

Non-examples for the AAS theorem As a class activity, present theorems and conjectures and ask students to first list all conditions of the statement and then produce non-examples for each. Do not tell your class ahead of time that the first claim is a theorem while the second is a false conjecture.

Thank you for raising this point joriki. They should test cases between those that they have found to work. Its resolution by Quillen certainly contributed to his earning the Fields Medal while Suslin didn't receive it for reasons somewhat unclear to me, but that's a different story However, satisfying the condition does not guarantee that the conclusion is true.

After two or three days of laboratory time, each group submits their lab report with examples and conjectures. It is important for students to begin to develop their own aesthetic for mathematical ideas and to understand that aesthetics play a role in the discipline.

A study of examples and a search for counterexamples will further influence our belief in the truth of a conjecture. A conjecture that, if true, applies to a broad range of objects or situations will be more significant than a limited claim.

A conjecture is an educated guess that is based on known information. Example If we are given information about the quantity and formation of section 1, 2. If your conjecture an unimportant conjecture, then you risk getting egg on your face if it is wrong, and having your conjecture ignored if it is right.

You also need to demonstrate that you have made a serious attempt to (a) verify its correctness and (b) prove it. Conjecture is a statement that is believed to be true but not yet proved. Examples of Conjecture The statement "Sum of the measures of the interior angles in any triangle is ° " is a conjecture.

The problem describes procedures that are to be applied to numbers. Repeat the procedure for four numbers of your choice. Write a conjecture that relates the result of 5/5. Scientists write hypotheses and test them to see if they are true.

A conjecture is just an initial conclusion that you formed based on what you see and already know. Making a conjecture doesn't. EXAMPLES, PATTERNS, AND CONJECTURES. Mathematical investigations involve a search for pattern and structure.

At the start of an exploration, we may collect related examples of functions, numbers, shapes, or other mathematical objects.

How to write a conjecture in math
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